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Benefits of OAT MILK 

Benefits of OAT MILK 

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  • 06 November, 2020

Oat Milk is the fastest-growing vegan milk alternative in recent years. Oat milk has a mild, creamy flavour that makes it a good base for almost any beverage and breakfast cereal. Unflavoured Oat milk has the highest amount of natural dietary fibres, natural sugar and carbohydrates of plant-based milk varieties. Although the sugar is natural, oat milk is very high in carbohydrates. Oat milk contains beneficial nutrients like carbs and fibre that help keep you full for longer, so it’s a good bet in oatmeal bowls or smoothies.  Oat milk's flavour and froth also make it a much better cow’s milk substitute in coffee and other beverages. Oat milk typically doesn't have a significant amount of protein or fat, although it does have a little more fat compared to almond milk and soymilk.


Lowers Cholesterol:

 Increasing dietary fibre is a great way to increase blood and cholesterol. Oat milk is high in off fibre; therefore, it can help reduce blood cholesterol levels.



Oat milk has a creamy texture that's comparable to cow's milk, making it a popular substitute that's delicious in coffee drinks and smoothies.



It’s true, non-dairy milk is way easier on the environment. Cows produce an insane amount of methane, for one thing. Then factor in the fertiliser, land for grazing, water for the cows, etc., and you have a real environmental impact.


Helps prevent anaemia:

Oat milk helps prevent anaemia due to its high content of iron. One cup of oat milk has about 10% of the daily required intake of iron.



Oat Milk contains more amount of natural sugar than any other vegan milk substitute. Which makes it tastier and healthy as it has natural sugar & not added ones.


Nutritional Value:

When we talk about nutritional value then Oat-milk is one of the few kinds of milk that has a soluble fibre “Beta-glucan”. It is strongly linked to improving your cholesterol levels.


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