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Do you want to make your planet happy?

Do you want to make your planet happy?

  • By - BEVRY ‎
  • 14 October, 2020

 At Bevry, we believe that that plants can save the planet and each plant-based selection can contribute to the bigger picture of solving the climate crisis.

Moving towards the plant-based lifestyle is one of the best ways to reduce the carbon footprint. You must be wondering what is the carbon footprint? Carbon footprint can also be expressed as carbon dioxide equivalents, it is the measurement of how much greenhouse gas emissions one produces in their daily life such as driving a car, travelling by aeroplane, air conditioners, heaters and using electrical appliances etc. At Bevry, we would like to use the term ‘carbon footprint or footprint’ because not only we emit greenhouse gases while consuming the food, but also significant resources are required to make them. As one can imagine that the overloading of emission is bad for our environment and the major cause of climate change.

According to a study that was conducted at The University of Oxford in 2018, shifting towards plant-based diet can reduce the carbon footprint of one person from food by up to 73% and can add around 49% more food to the global food chain supply without creating any new cropland.

Currently, half of the habitable land is used for agriculture out of with 83% is being used for livestock and feed. It is very important to note that meat and dairy products contribute more than 50% of the agricultural greenhouse gas emissions while only providing around 18% of the caloric value of the produced products. (

Plant-based lifestyle can seriously change the personal health and planetary health. Swapping a glass of cow’s milk with Bevry can save around half a kilo of carbon footprint. Imagine just by swapping a glass we could contribute so much to the environment then imagine all these issues that we have to deal with will also reduce. Drink Bevry and join us in making the change as our planet depends on us. 

“Happy Planet Healthy Us"

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