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  • By - BEVRY ‎
  • 14 September, 2020

Below we are going to look at the environmental impact and health implications of few vegan milk alternatives. This will give us an overview of all the available milk options and it will help us decide what to and what not to consume. 


Environment :

- A litre of oat milk needs about 48 litres of water produce. Compare that to a litre of cow’s milk = 1050 litres of water.

- Oats use 80% less land than is required for dairy milk

- Compared to dairy milk and other plant-based milk, the oat milk manufacturing process produces small amounts of carbon dioxide and no methane (low greenhouse gas emissions) and requires relatively low use of water and land.

Health Implications:

- Oat milk has the highest amount of natural dietary fibres, natural sugar and carbohydrates of plant-based milk varieties

- Lowers Cholesterol 

- Helps in preventing anaemia

- Helps indigestion.

- Great source of vitamin B.



Environment :

Almond milk requires 384 Litres of water just to make 1 Litre of almond milk.

-Among plant-based milk, almond milk requires substantially more water during the growing and production stages than soy, rice or oat milk 

-More than 80% of the world’s almonds are grown in California. The problem with this is that it takes about 4 litres of water to produce only 1 almond. With California being a very drought-prone state, this is not great

-Additionally, the pesticides used could also have long-lasting effects on the environment

Health Implications :

- Health-wise almond milk is lower in calories than cow’s milk, low in sugar (unsweetened milk anyway), high in vitamin E (cow’s milk contains no Vitamin E) and it is a good source of calcium; a surprisingly better source of calcium than cow’s milk 

- Vitamin D is often added while manufacturing.

- Reduces the risk of heart disease.

- Controls blood sugar levels 



Environment :

Soy milk requires 297 Litres of water just to make 1 Litre of soymilk

Soybeans require far less energy than cows to produce milk

Soybeans are good for the soil as they replenish the nitrogen content.

The growing of soybeans is a major contributor to deforestation especially in the Amazon rainforest, however, the majority of soybeans grown in South America are cultivated to feed cattle rather than for soy-milk. 

Health Implications 

There are concerns that too much soy can lead to an excess of certain phytoestrogens which may have a detrimental effect on the human oestrogen hormone. There are health benefits to phytoestrogens, but they might not outweigh the health risks, especially to infants. It’s wise not to consume too much soy-based food or drink until the health benefits and risks are properly assessed.


After comparing different vegan milk that is available in the market, we got to know that Oat-milk has the least effect on our environment which makes it super-milk. In addition to this, its tastier and healthier due to the presence of natural sugar. Check out Bevry’s Oat-milk and see which plant-based milk you liked the post and share your story with us. As we firmly believe in positively impacting the planet.

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