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Super-spice Cinnamon

Super-spice Cinnamon

  • By - BEVRY ‎
  • 08 September, 2020

Cinnamon has been there with us since we started writing things down. It was originated from the parts of Sri Lanka and India. It is used in a variety of things such as tea, coffee, food, and whatnot. Not only it keeps the bad smell at bay but also it has different health benefits such as soothing the stomach aches. Here are some top ways in which cinnamon plays a healthy part in our lives.


Cinnamon is worldly famous for its healing properties. It soothes your stomach-ache, helps in regulating the menstruation cycle and mix with ginger – forget your flu. Moreover, cinnamon has properties of boosting the immunity which can act as your addition shield.

Knight in Shining Armor

Inside our body, we have pro-oxidants (free radicals with attack healthy cells) and antioxidants so cinnamon provides us with antioxidants that help in controlling those free radicals.


The major component of cinnamon is called cinnamaldehyde which helps in preventing tooth decay and bad breath.


In ancient Egypt and Rome, cinnamon oils used to cover the bad scents of embalmed mummies and burning pyres. Today we use cinnamon perfumes to remove the bad smell and set a better mood.


Cinnamon goes well with milkshakes, coffees, tea, and our favourite Indian curries. Have you ever tried that special masala chai, guess what cinnamon is the key ingredient.

Brain booster

It has been researched by researchers that cinnamon scent enhances our memory and attention.

Weight loss partner

Cinnamon helps in boosting your metabolism which in turn is very critical when you are on your weight-loss journey.


Are you tired or you forget adding cinnamon to your drinks? Don’t worry we at Bevry have made a special drink (Mexican vanilla) which is packed with cinnamon. So, whenever you are out there just pick it up from the shelf and your daily cinnamon dose is fulfilled with amazing taste.

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