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  • 22 September, 2020

What is called being Vegan?

To start this article first we need to know from where this “VEGAN” originates. It started in 1944 in England by a small group of “vegetarians” who decided not to eat eggs, dairy and any other products that are made from animals in addition to meat. But why vegan is becoming popular nowadays is because of the awareness among the people towards the cruelty against the animals to produce products which harm them. For example, meat, clothing, shoes and any other products.

There is not much difference between vegetarians and vegan but there is one point where the vegetarians and vegan are different that is vegetarians accepts the dairy, egg and by-products from the animals till the time they are in considerable environment but vegan excludes any products that involves animals being held. Vegans believe that animals have the right to be set free and believe that it has the largest impact on their health and environment. 

There are some people who follow a diet free (or almost free) of animal products for health reasons, including former U.S. President Bill Clinton. In these cases, the person is usually said to be following a plant-based diet. Some also use the term “strict vegetarian” to describe someone who does not eat animal products but may use animal products in other parts of their life,


What do Vegans Eat?

This is the most common question about veganism. A vegan diet includes all grains, beans, legumes, vegetables, fruits, and nearly infinite number of foods made by combining them. Like one of them being “Bevry Oat Milk”.

In addition, many vegan versions of familiar foods are available, so vegans can eat vegan hot dogs, ice-cream, cheese, non-dairy yogurt, and vegan mayonnaise along with the more familiar veggie burgers and other meat substitute products like vegan chicken recipes. Many foods are associated with veganism, such as Oat milk, non-dairy milk substitute, nutritional yeast, and tofu, as well as hemp tofu, which is made completely from hemp seeds, and is less processed. You certainly don’t have to like tofu in order to eat vegan and you can enjoy any of these foods without being vegan. 

Vegans also eat many of the common everyday foods that everyone else does, such as a green salad, spaghetti, peanut butter sandwiches, cornbread, and chips and salsa. For example, foods such as a vegetarian burrito without cheese or sour cream would be vegan. A vegetarian Thai curry made from coconut milk is vegan. Most bread is vegan as well.


How to Become Vegan

Some people go from eating meat to vegan right away, while others struggle with their new commitment. Others may choose to go vegetarian like in our country India and then slowly omit eggs and dairy. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, but you may want to learn about what’s worked for other people. Whatever way you do it, keep your goals in mind and remember why you are choosing to adopt a vegan diet.


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