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  • 04 September, 2020

India had produced 175 billion litres of milk in the year 2019, making it the largest producer of this commodity in the world. On the other hand, there is steady growth in a new culture called Veganism in India. Veganism, as a lifestyle and ethical choice, is gaining popularity in India especially among youth and with more and more people engaging actively in what can be termed the Indian Vegan Movement. This concept is certainly not widely understood all over the country yet, there are these strong religious and cultural traditions tied to dairy that Indians have been following for hundreds of years. It makes sense that many people are resistant to the idea of breaking with these traditions all at once. For us Indians, food habits are more of a cultural and emotional revelation than a dietary choice. India is a country with a long history of vegetarianism, like many other countries that have undergone rapid urbanisation and population growth, the demand for animal protein has been on a steady rise. However, Indian consumers now seem to be making the shift towards plant-based.  

The kind of increase in young individuals fighting about issues like animal rights and environmental sustainability has led to restaurants and supermarkets catering to this demand, offering more vegan-friendly options. Apart from this, there are so many other reasons like vegan activists, nutritionists, vegan-based start-ups, social media influencers, popular celebrities sharing their opinion on being vegan, exclusive vegan food festivals, documentaries and movies talking about animal cruelty. These reasons have proven to be a pivotal role in the rise of vegan culture in India. Cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Goa have shown immense positivity towards this growing culture. This kind of positivity and response from people has been one of the prominent reasons why a brand like Bevry and other aspiring and well-established vegan food companies are motivated enough to transform the kind of food consumed. This will further improve the affordability and accessibility which are the prime obstacles we are currently facing. Most people don’t rea­lise that a lot of common Indian foods are vegan. (Many others would be vegan too if ghee is foregone.)

Bevry will be the first brand in India to launch Oat-milk based products which are proudly made in India. We are here to improve and transform the kind of food consumed to make peoples’ lives healthier and happier. End of the day HEALTHY IS HAPPY. 

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