• Our oat-milk has natural sugar, which makes it very sweet and delicious.

  • The process that we use helps us in extracting the right amount of nutrients, which makes our product creamy.

  • We use “Only” natural ingredients in our products or ingredients derived from an all-natural source: no synthetic ingredients, food colours, or artificial flavours. See the back of your favourite flavour for more details.

  • We have experimented and compared a variety of sweeteners that are available in the market, which includes stevia. But what worked best was the normal sugar that we use in everyday life. We are still in the process of finding the perfect match of sweetener for our products.

  • That’s because Bevry Oat Milk is made only using natural ingredients and is free of any preservatives. So, naturally, there may be some settling at the bottom of the bottle and that’s also because we cannot defy gravity. It is advised to always shake the bottle before drinking.

  • We are a firm believer that the business that we do should not negatively impact the environment. Our vision is to be a modern food and beverage company keeping sustainability at the core of our business model. We believe that our planet earth has given us so many things and we should at least not harm it in any way. Our company has been working on newer and innovative solutions to make healthy and delicious products without compromising or harming our environment in any way. Sustainability has been a core value of our company ever since we started, and we are happy to announce that we have been implementing different initiatives to improve our environmental footprint. We have been trying to put together a comprehensive program, which will encourage us as well as people around the globe to look for different ways possible to make our planet earth happy and healthy. We invite you to join us on this journey towards making it sustainably possible, as we firmly believe health is happiness

  • Yes, our products are packaged in a recyclable way. That’s one of the key reasons why we chose glass bottles instead of plastic or tetra packs.

  • All the ingredients are sourced from certified suppliers, but we are working on sourcing it directly from the farmers.

  • Our team is working on different ways to use the waste that we produce in the process to create a new and different product altogether. So, stay tuned to get an update on this one.

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